New Design for Carton Flow Warehouse Systems

Warehouses that utilize carton flow pallet rack systems can become more efficient by upgrading with a new design. When the system was developed, cartons were large and heavy for most products. Today products, especially electronics and communication devices, are made to be smaller and thinner every year.


More wheels have been added to each platform to prevent small cartons from becoming stuck between rows of rollers. This reduces downtime and work interruptions needed to keep the line moving at optimum speed. The incline is easily adjusted for moving lightweight cartons to the correct position. The ability to accommodate cartons of every size and weight makes the space more flexible.

The system can be ordered and delivered to the location, or warehouse managers can request installation services from the company that provides pallet rack miami. If it is not clear which rack system will maximize the space, an assessment and recommendations are offered services as well. The company professionals also have the experience and capacity to design the layout for new warehouses and consult on renovations.

The Right System

The efficiency and overhead costs of any warehouse are dependent on having the right rack system for the space and inventory. Items with expiration dates, for example, require a pallet flow system. This configuration maximizes space, moves inventory before dates expire, and will save money because less equipment and labor are needed to successfully operate the system.

A selective type of system is the most commonly used due to the cost-effectiveness of parts and easy installation. Direct access to each pallet simplifies inventory management because it is possible to double check exactly what is in stock at any given time. A push back pallet system is ideal for high density storage when pallets per product averages out to six or more. Multiple lanes allow for rotation of pallets if necessary.

Used Systems

Some large warehouses switch out rack systems every few years. These used systems are in excellent condition and can be purchased at discounted pricing. It is possible to effectively manage inventory while saving money at the same time. Used warehouse and dock equipment is also available. Discover opportunities on the website.


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